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Residential Spray Foam Insulation

Residential Spray Foam Insulation Cincinnati

Bad insulation is the last thing you want your home to have. You see, many problems will arise if you allow heat to pass through or escape to and from it. And they can be very expensive to deal with on your end.

Thus, investing in the right residential insulation ensures that you intervene with potential problems early to avoid bigger damage. This also prolongs your home’s lifespan. Most importantly, it protects the safety and welfare of those living in it.

In Cincinnati, residential spray foam insulation is the ideal choice when it comes to outstanding performance and long-term investment. Spray foam is known to exhibit the highest thermal resistance values among the options in the market. This makes it flexible to work with regardless of any type of environment and climate condition your home is situated in.

Residential spray foam insulation in Cincinnati is a superior choice for homeowners in the area. Learn about the compelling reasons why you should update yours with it today.

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Signs of Bad Insulation (and how Spray Foam becomes a Remedy)

Your home’s building envelope should protect you from the harsh weather and environmental conditions outside. In this case, it should be sturdy, corrosion-resistant, and durable for decades and even beyond.

However, it is not primarily designed to withstand other natural lifecycles like heat flow, condensation, and humidity. You will need to install insulation to address these and avoid potential problems.

Spotting the signs of bad insulation is easy. And you do not need sophisticated equipment to determine if you need an update. Getting a head start in determining obvious signs of under insulation can save you from incurring costlier remedies.

You are living in an old home

This is more than a gut feeling; neither a horror situation. If you are living in an old home and feel uncomfortable inside, it could be your insulation.

Old homes may already have outdated insulation in place. Or worst, none at all. Not until the energy crunch that people gave more attention to insulating their homes so every scenario is inevitable. Nonetheless, if you are living in an old home, have a professional check your insulation.

Now, a professional is the best person to work with old homes because the situation of your old insulation usually comes with risks. Older insulation may contain asbestos, a material that is popular to cause lung cancer. If you disturb your insulation containing asbestos, you release its particles in the air putting everyone in the area at risk of inhaling them.

If not asbestos, insulation containing fiberglass particles are also harmful if released into the air and inhaled. Thus, if you are unsure of the insulation material, better call a professional.

Removing old insulation now paves the way for the best insulation to replace it with. Residential spray foam insulation in Cincinnati is a timeless solution that is also the front runner among other insulation types when it comes to life. When properly installed, it can keep its R-value intact for decades so you will less likely to update it right away.

Cold walls and floors

Having walls and floors that are cold to touch are undeniable signs of outdated or ineffective insulation. Your insulation should work by serving as a barrier between two spaces, wherein your case, between your outside environment and the inside of your home. Insulation works by preventing heat to flow, leaving cold air behind it.

In a practical illustration, your insulation should keep the warm air from your heating unit from escaping during winter. Meanwhile, it should prevent the warm air from the outside from penetrating inside your home and alter the cold air from your cooling unit during summer.

In both scenarios, your walls and floors should be intact with the ambient temperature of your room. If it feels cold despite having warm air inside, then your insulation is not working.

Existing walls are challenging to apply with insulation. Most of the time, you have to remove the drywall and put insulation inside the cavities.

If you want less damage to your existing walls, you can opt to use residential spray foam insulation. In Cincinnati, it is one of the most preferred solutions since it is less intrusive to existing structures.

The best thing about residential spray foam insulation in Cincinnati is that it is initially fluid at the time of application. You can just bore a hole in your wall, direct your spray gun to it, and apply spray foam. It fills the entire wall before the substance hardens.

Another advantage of working with residential spray foam insulation in your Cincinnati home is that it does not settle like loose-fill. Settling causes some parts of your wall not to have insulation, which causes cold drafts.

Excessive moisture

Excess moisture is the common enemy of materials, even your furniture, electronics, and your health. Aside from aiming for insulation and air seal in your home, you should also consider ventilation and moisture buildup.

There are many ways that you encourage excessive moisture inside your home, but the bottom line is condensation.

Condensation happens when cold air approaches a warm surface, creating droplets, or even a pool of water. Without effective insulation, the cycle will transpire in your home. You will mostly notice this in walls and windows which tend to be always damp.

If not addressed, it can cause mold and mildew formation, which are harmful to your health. Some people develop allergies to molds which is also a life-threatening condition.

Now, a residential spray foam insulation in your Cincinnati home is flexible to seal even joints and gaps in between walls, floors, and windows. And you can get the same performance and durability from spray foam even the seal is exposed.

Skyrocketing energy bills

Perhaps the most regarded and crucial concern when it comes to homes is high energy bills. Aside from choosing energy-efficient appliances, insulation can significantly help you save more.

And having skyrocketing energy bills signifies insulation problems. Studies reveal that most of the heat escaping from your home goes through the building envelope, majorly in your attic and crawlspace. A significant percentage also goes through the wall.

Choosing to work with residential spray foam insulation for your Cincinnati home is the ideal choice when you are thinking about bill savings. It provides instant results the moment it is installed, getting you to save on energy costs right away.

Getting residential spray foam insulation in Cincinnati is beneficial for long-term investment. It is resilient to corrosion and other harmful elements present in the outside environment. The closed-cell type is denser and more rigid than its open-cell counterpart, which makes it adaptable to outdoor applications.

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