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Welcome to Pete’s Professional Insulation. We are proud to be your most reliable, local source for home and residential insulation installation and repair. Serving Cincinnati and the surrounding area with honesty, integrity and the highest level of skill is what we do best.

Pete’s Professional Insulation contractors have established the neighborhood seal of approval for the highest quality work and old-fashioned customer service that we provide each Cincinnati customer. This includes insulation evaluation, removal, replacement and first-time installation of residential and commercial fiberglass, blown, flash and batt and closed-cell spray foam insulation.

As a premier company of insulation contractors, our goal is to help make all of Cincinnati more energy efficient while saving them each tons of money. This is the mission that gets us up each morning. So, if you are shopping for an insulation contractor for your residential or commercial property in and around the Cincinnati area who cares about you and really wants to help, look no further. 

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How Can Pete’s Professional Insulation Contractors Help?

Insulation Installation

Our insulation contractors in Cincinnati will evaluate and provide solutions to any obstructive situations that may arise during your insulation installation process. We offer various types of insulation that deliver high yield, superior performance and exceptional application. Your local spray foam insulation contractors in Cincinnati, OH, are well known for excellent customer support and guidance during all stages of your most important projects.

Insulation Repair

Most insulation naturally diminishes over time, becoming prone to contamination and yielding few insulating benefits. Mold can build up in old cellulose insulation, and we all know that is a big no-no. Also, if you have had a fire or water incident, it may have damaged even the most durable insulation by causing unpleasant odors and lessening its energy-saving ability. Closed-cell spray foam insulation is a great option for repairing any insulation mishaps. As a full-service company of insulation contractors in Cincinnati, we also offer many other types of insulation that will do the important job of protecting your home and property. Remodeling could also require insulation removal, in which we are happy to help.

Insulation Replacement

Fiberglass and cellulose insulation can get damaged, dirty and worn over time, reducing its insulating ability. Once your current insulation’s capacity to repel heat flow is compromised, it must be changed to ensure your Ohio property remains resistant to the influence of those hot summer temperatures. Our insulation contractors will evaluate and remove any damaged insulation within your property while replacing it with the very best quality of insulation that the market offers and your budget allows.

Which Types of Insulation Does Pete Offer?

Closed-Cell Spray Foam

At Pete’s Professional Insulation in Cincinnati, we prefer the premium application of closed-cell spray foam. Its solid nature and sealing capability inhibits moisture-driven elements. Just two inches depth of closed-cell spray polyurethane foam installed in your property will make a world of difference. Spray foam insulation is meant to last the lifetime of your home or commercial property. That means that every month for the rest of your life you will receive an energy bill that is 50% lower! That’s not a bad return for your money. Additional benefits include reducing the potential for unwanted mold or mildew, insulation from outside noise and the creation of a sturdier structure with a higher resale value.


Fiberglass insulation, which can come in blankets, is the most common and least expensive of the insulation options available. Our insulation contractors here in the Cincinnati area believe fiberglass blankets are best used when frames and finishes of homes and buildings cannot reduce or block the transfer of heat adequately.

Flash and Batt

The Flash and Batt insulation system is when closed-cell spray foam and fiberglass are together used to insulate a space. This hybrid insulation system involves a layer of closed-cell spray foam sprayed first by our insulation contractors and then overlapped by a layer of standard fiberglass insulation for additional insulation benefits.


Blown-in insulation fills the gaps between existing wall studs and ceiling joists quickly and easily. Pete’s insulation contractors in Cincinnati can add this to attics and walls with very little hassle. What’s more, this type of insulation can also seal small gaps and spaces as your property or the insulation itself settles, filling these sneaky spots where cold air would otherwise come in.

The Pete's Professional Insulation Process

Our process for delivering top-quality spray foam insulation in Cincinnati, Dayton and Hamilton, Ohio revolves around accuracy, care, and client satisfaction.

We start by assessing your needs and property characteristics to provide the best insulation solution.
Our skilled technicians ensure flawless installation, adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety.
Follow-Up Support
We don't stop at installation. We're here for you with after-service support to guarantee the best performance of your insulation.

Is Your Insulation Due an Upgrade?

No matter the age, the answer is most often, “yes.” Fortunately, your home or commercial property will usually let you know when it is time for an insulation upgrade.  You just need to be aware of how to recognize the signs.

  • Are you having a hard time falling asleep in your hot bedroom each night? 
  • In the winter, do you see icicles hanging from your gutters? 

These are two warning signs that your current insulation is just not cut out for the job of protecting your home or business properly. 

It’s true that almost any structure can benefit from some additional insulation love.  So, whatever your insulation service needs, our insulation contractors in Cincinnati can create a plan for you that will quickly pay for itself in years to come.

There are four reasons you should upgrade your insulation today:

Money, Money, Money!

Yes, it costs money to add insulation to your property. Adding a high quality insulation like closed-cell spray foam is not cheap. There is good news, though! There are not many things you can add to your structures that will actually pay you back over time.  As insulation contractors who have been in the business of providing quality work for many years to our Cincinnati neighbors, we believe that spray foam insulation offers a great return for your money. Your energy bills will start decreasing immediately after installation and will stay low for the life of your property. Each insulation option we offer will make you and your home happier.

Increased Comfort

Your family and employees want comfort year-round in your home and business. Both you and your employees deserve cool, summer relaxation and warm, cozy, winter shelter. By adding additional insulation to your structure’s ceilings, attics, crawl space, walls and basement, you are showing those inside that you are concerned about them and making a great choice for your future. 

Increased HVAC Life

What does your HVAC system do? It heats and cools your home. If you had better insulation, keeping the drafts from coming in and the hard work of the HVAC from seeping out, wouldn’t it just naturally seem that your HVAC would need to work less?  Of course. Let our insulation contractors add a quality insulation today and you will have an HVAC system that works less hard, which means an HVAC system that lasts longer

Decrease of Outside Invaders

Ohio residents know a lot about bugs and insects from the outdoors that want to find their way inside. We are constantly slamming our doors fast and turning out the front porch lights so the bugs will stay away. Well, you will be happy to know that closed-cell spray foam insulation is yet another way that you can combat the outside invaders who try to find refuge in your home. By adding spray foam insulation to your structure’s cracks and airways, you will quickly notice fewer insects inside where they don’t belong.

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