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Flash and Batt Insulation

Flash and Batt Insulation

The most significant advancement in insulation technology to date is spray foam insulation. While closed cell spray foam insulation is by far the most effective option, it is not inexpensive. However, it offers protection that no other material can provide.

Pete’s Pro Insulation has adopted a flash and batt insulation technique, which solves the issue of cost for this superior product. Pete’s Pro Insulation is your flash and batt insulation specialist in Cincinnati.

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What Is Flash and Batt Insulation?

Flash and batt insulation in Cincinnati are becoming more and more popular. This technique combines fiberglass, among the least expensive and most common insulation materials, with the newest technology, spray foam insulation, to deliver the best of both worlds at an affordable price.

First, our trained and certified installation team will install a layer of closed cell spray foam insulation to seal the structure, creating an air, moisture, and vapor barrier. This layer provides essential protection against these damaging elements and aggressively adheres to the structural aspects of your home.

About Spray Foam Insulation

Today’s spray foam insulation is the most advanced insulation technology available. It is created by combining a polymer like polyurethane with a blowing agent such as water and insect-resistant and fire-retardant compounds. Spray foam insulation in Cincinnati is a popular choice for both home and business applications.

Our installation teams are all professionally trained and certified to safely handle and install these materials in your Cincinnati home or business.

When professionally installed and fully cured, spray foam insulation is entirely safe, non-toxic, and nearly indestructible. The aggressive bond it forms with the structure can add strength and creates an impenetrable barrier to outside elements, preventing costly condensation damage.

Once the spray foam has been installed and cured, our team will install fiberglass batt insulation on top of that spray foam layer to provide your desired R-value. The R-value of closed cell spray foam insulation is about 7 per inch, and fiberglass is just over 2 per inch, making a 1-inch seal coat of spray foam insulation equal to 3 inches of fiberglass.

This combination of flash and batt insulation in your Cincinnati, Ohio, home or business is extremely efficient and provides a more comfortable, less costly living environment.

You save significant money on the installation compared to an all spray foam application, and the savings continue because spray foam insulation will last the life of your structure.

The Pete's Professional Insulation Process

Our process for delivering top-quality spray foam insulation in Cincinnati, Dayton and Hamilton, Ohio revolves around accuracy, care, and client satisfaction.

We start by assessing your needs and property characteristics to provide the best insulation solution.
Our skilled technicians ensure flawless installation, adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety.
Follow-Up Support
We don't stop at installation. We're here for you with after-service support to guarantee the best performance of your insulation.

Why We Also Use Fiberglass

Found in about 85% of American homes, fiberglass insulation is the most common and readily available insulation material on the market. And fiberglass insulation in Cincinnati is no different. On its own, however, fiberglass cannot protect against the elements like spray foam insulation. Additional materials, devices, and techniques can help, but fiberglass insulation can never be a barrier and becomes useless if damaged by moisture.

Fiberglass insulation is less robust and less efficient than spray foam, but by using it in combination with spray foam insulation, Pete’s Pro Insulation solves that issue. You can now efficiently and cost-effectively protect your home, reduce your energy use, live more comfortably, and save money every month with less impact on the environment.

The Bottom Line on Flash and Batt Insulation

The entire point of insulating your Cincinnati, Ohio home or business is to protect your investment and improve your living environment without breaking the bank. The flash and batt method employed by Pete’s Pro Insulation is, by far, your best choice for both results and savings.
Our goal is for all of our friends and neighbors throughout the Cincinnati region to enjoy unparalleled comfort and significant cost savings for their installation and ongoing reduction in energy use.

Say goodbye to energy waste and discomfort with our innovative spray foam insulation.
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