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Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass Insulation Cincinnati

Now that you understand more about flash and batt insulation, we want to talk a little bit about fiberglass insulation by itself. A few things about this type of material are essential to understand; some of this information may surprise you.

As we have already mentioned, fiberglass insulation is found in the vast majority of homes in America; it is fairly inexpensive, widely available, and can be purchased in pre-cut panels, or batts, and in bulk rolls. For many years it was the best available insulation material.

The pros for using fiberglass insulation in Cincinnati are the ease of installation and its relatively low cost. Another factor many consumers find appealing is that fiberglass insulation can easily become a DIY project. Unlike the superior spray foam insulation, no special equipment or training is required to handle or install fiberglass insulation in Cincinnati or anywhere else.

But, that does not mean that a DIY fiberglass insulation job is a good idea. To properly insulate your home Cincinnati with fiberglass insulation, you need to understand building techniques, how to install air baffles, and incorporate some type of moisture barrier. 

And most importantly, you must know how to properly install fiberglass insulation to perform at its best. This may seem obvious, and something most people would be capable of doing. Still, you can easily leave gaps in coverage that will allow for the loss of conditioned air and potentially cause damage in the future.

One thing that most people do not realize is that fiberglass insulation by itself has a useful lifespan of about 25 years. The fiberglass batts hang in your wall between the studs and gradually sag over time due to age and gravity. This deteriorating condition results in uneven coverage, a less comfortable living space, greater energy use, and higher energy costs, all of which are avoidable.

Earlier, we mentioned that fiberglass is not an air, moisture, or vapor barrier and is damaged beyond use when it becomes wet. Most people don’t have a leaky roof or holes in their exterior walls that allow water to directly enter their structure. However, a poor insulation job can create extreme temperature differences resulting in the same damage and requiring removal of the defective insulation.

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The Bottom Line for Fiberglass Insulation

While fiberglass is the most common and familiar of all the insulation materials available today, it has significant shortcomings. As a solo performer, fiberglass insulation in Cincinnati has several vulnerabilities that result in a much shorter lifespan than most consumers realize.

Additional products and materials are required for fiberglass to come close to the efficiencies of spray foam insulation. Even then, fiberglass has a shorter lifespan, lower R-value, and will never be an efficient barrier against the outside elements.

For all of these reasons, Pete’s Pro Insulation provides all of our customers with the more efficient and cost-effective option of flash and batt insulation in Cincinnati and the surrounding area. This air, moisture, and vapor barrier will permanently prevent the fiberglass insulation from becoming wet. The fiberglass clings to the spray foam surface to mitigate any shifting, and the spray foam eliminates the concerns about external elements.

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