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Attic Insulation in Cincinnati

The attic is a critical part of the building envelope that is more than just a leeway between your roof and the rest of your house. It is actually where most of the energy escaping your home goes through, thus, is significant in affecting your home’s overall energy efficiency rating and comfort level.

In Cincinnati, attic insulation is one of the most prioritized aspects when it comes to home improvement projects. Not only that we are talking about achieving maximum comfort levels, but also investing in energy efficiency measures that save us a lot of money in the long run.

On a grander scale, having attic insulation in your Cincinnati home is a responsible move in reducing carbon emissions that helps preserve our environment.

Among the options in the market, closed-cell spray foam insulation remains a superior choice when considering low maintenance and high performance. It has all the properties that gear to providing consistent comfort and energy bill and maintenance savings.

Be an informed customer by learning more about attic insulation in Cincinnati and the reasons why closed-cell spray foam insulation by Pete’s Professional Insulation as your best choice.

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Key Problems in Attics

When it comes to structures, your main concern would have to be strength and durability. It should firstly, protect you from harsh environmental and weather conditions outside. Structures are made to withstand natural occurrences like climate and weather all through the seasons of the year.

A home, like most buildings, is comprised of the building envelope. This provides the primary structural integrity of your place plus it holds your home’s aesthetics. Since it receives most of the harsh elements.

Now, being the most vulnerable part of the home as it receives the effects of direct heat, rain, and snow, the attic is crucial in maintaining the temperature and ventilation inside. Thus, achieving a healthy and comfortable home lies in your attic’s state.

Now, an attic is a tricky space to insulate because it tends to have an irregular dimension. Also, it contains critical home elements like ductwork and electrical connections. Some attics are also challenging to access, especially in older homes.

Here are some of the common challenges in attics that most homeowners face:

Lack of ventilation

Often, homeowners thought that the attic itself is enough to become a ventilation spot for your home. It is partially true but you can still do some more measures to improve this aspect.

Attics could use exhaust fans and vents to improve the air circulation within. The use thereof also fans out excess heat, which then improves the temperature of your home inside.

Pest infestation

In some homes, attics tend to be neglected after it has been used as a storage space. This encourages pests to dwell like rodents and bats. This is not only dangerous but harmful to your health.

Gaps and leaks

When you do not inspect your attic regularly, you might miss gaps and leak holes that allow outside air to penetrate your home. Meanwhile, conditioned air can also pass through the same cracks, which may cause your heating and cooling units to overwork. This results to higher energy bills.

Another problem with cracks and crevices is it can cause excessive moisture penetration. This encourages the formation of molds and mildews, which are also health hazards.

Lack of insulation

The formation of ice dams during winter is a clear indication of poor insulation. In the same way, high energy bills, and rust and moisture formation signify the same problem.

Continuous heat flow diminishes the work of your HVAC system. This causes conditioned air to escape the home and outside air to affect the temperature inside.

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Attic Insulation Options

Now, for Cincinnati and Ohio residents, attic insulation is the key to solving temperature and moisture concerns in their homes. And there are several insulation materials you can use, but not everything provides superior performance or acclimates to a variety of environmental conditions.

The key to attaining maximum comfort and energy savings lies in your choice of attic insulation for your Cincinnati home.

But first, let us tell you something about an important element you should not miss – the R-value.

R-value is the measure of the effectiveness of an insulator in preventing heat transfer. Heat transfer makes it challenging for your home to maintain a comfortable temperature inside. And studies show that a significant percentage of heat flow happens in spaces with proper insulation.

Now, insulation materials are rated by their R-value. Essentially, the higher the R-value, the better it resists heat transfer. But for the sake of economics, you should also consider the cost. The higher the R-value rating a material has, the more expensive it is.

When considering an attic insulation material to use for your Cincinnati home, you should consider a good balance between the need and long-term performance. And when focusing on value for investment, you must also look at its other benefits.

There are mainly three kinds of attic insulation types:

  • Loose-fill
  • Batts
  • Spray foam

Loose-fill materials are made up of fibers made out of fine shreds of insulation materials like paper, wool, cotton, and glass.  It is made this way so that it can easily fill areas with little headroom or challenging dimensions and shapes, just like attics and cavities.

Loose-fill insulation uses a machine to effectively distribute the fibers to space. However, it is prone to drafts because these materials tend to settle over time.

Meanwhile, when it comes to ease of installation, batts are prefabricated with a certain thickness to have an even distribution of insulation across the surface. It is made of the same insulation materials as loose-fill, only that it is made into batts or blankets. However, batts are hard to deploy in uneven areas since you may miss on hard-to-reach cracks and crevices.

Spray foam answers the concerns of both types of insulation above. It is the product of the chemical reaction between isocyanate and polyol resin, which yields a semi-fluid material that can creep in between surfaces and gaps before hardening.

There are two types of spray foam insulation – the open-cell and the closed-cell type.

The former expands before solidifying, creating a nice seal. Meanwhile, the latter is more rigid and dense than the former, making it more durable even in outdoor use. It also exhibits the highest R-value among all the insulation options in the market today.

In Cincinnati, attic insulation could use a lot of benefits from using closed-cell spray insulation. Let us learn about them one by one.

Closed-Cell Spray Foam Advantages for Attics

​Because of how attics receive the effects of weather and climate, it is critical to have robust attic insulation that can shield your home from the inside.

Closed-cell spray foam is the top of mind choice for attic insulation in Cincinnati when it comes to durability and ROI. It might not be the cheapest option in the market, but its benefits outweigh the capital cost. Aside from being effective in increasing your home’s energy efficiency, it also provides other value-adding benefits like:

Air sealing

Being fluid at the onset of application, it can penetrate every gap, hole, nook, and cranny in your attic to create the perfect seal. This way, it works effectively with your HVAC system to maintain the conditioned air inside and disallow the outside environment to affect the inside.

Superior thermal resistance

Closed-cell spray foam attic insulation in Cincinnati is the superior choice in terms of R-value. It is also strong enough to withstand normal wear and tear and harsh climate and weather conditions. It also does not sag nor settle over time.

Air infiltration

Since it is dense, it does not allow the passage of pollutants and allergens from the air to enter your home.

Additional stability to structures

Because of its density and rigidity, it can provide additional support to the beams in your attic.

Noise barrier

Again, because of its density and cellular composition, it can double as a noise barrier for your home.

Which Types of Insulation Does Pete Offer?

Your attic insulation is only as good as its installation. Its efficacy is also affected by different factors so it is important to address these things as well:

Install an HVAC system

Insulation prevents heat transfer to take place between your home and its outside environment. The conditioned air inside still lies in your HVAC system.

Make sure to deploy energy-efficient heating or cooling units to maximize your energy bill savings. Also, your ventilation system must be effective to discourage corrosion, rust, and other kinds of moisture-related problems like mold growth to happen.

Solve moisture problems in your attic or roof first

Closed-cell foam used in attic insulation in your Cincinnati home is hard to remove once in place. So, make sure that space is inspected well and remedied before applying with insulation.

Moisture is the enemy of insulation so make sure that there are no major moisture problems in your attic so as not to render your investment useless.

Hire a professional insulation contractor

Installing closed-cell attic insulation in Cincinnati requires expertise. It involves technical knowledge and experience to be effective and render maximum benefits.

It is always worth the investment to work with a professional attic insulation contractor in Cincinnati like Pete’s Professional Insulation. You bank on our extensive experience in working with different kinds of attic requirements. This ensures that we understand every attic insulation need, including yours.

Another advantage you get is faster job turnaround. Our familiarity with different attic situations hastens the process of evaluation and installation. This allows you to start reaping the benefits of your attic insulation investment in Cincinnati in no time.

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